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The fabled Lantern of Revelation is said to be a beacon of truth and celestial power for those who complete a ritual to manifest its light in the material plane. Deep within a shadow forest of crystalline trees—the Cinderwood—stands an ancient watchtower of obsidian, raised long ago by ancient guardians of earth and heaven. At its zenith sits the chamber where the lantern manifests. You have traversed these obstacles, being worthy aspirants—now you sit and prepare for the trials ahead. 

The Lantern’s power is amplified through a ritual, where seekers project their souls to the center of the chamber and absorb the light reflected back, a celestial prism of infinite blessings. Only those who fully open themselves to its light will call it into manifestation. But those who pursue the light most zealously often cast the longest shadow. Are your companions as true as you?

Theme: Light

A Trophy Dark incursion submitted for the Trophy Tri-Folds jam. You will need the rules for Trophy Dark to play. Learn more about the Trophy RPG here.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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From the Trophy Trifolds jam roundups:

Deep in an unearthly forest, a group of aspirants pursue apotheosis in a ritual of psychic illumination and shedding of earthly forms and delights.

3 things I liked:

  1. "Cursed Ancient—skilled in Eternity"
  2. "Jagged rocks pile high, slick with the inky blood of creatures which tried, and failed, to crawl their way out of the sea."
  3. "The transcendent harmony of sunbeams, played as glowing harp strings by invisible hands"

Thank you, and thanks for hosting the Trophy Trifolds jam! It was fun to work with that limited space.